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let’s play “how many times can my OTP look at each other like that without kissing until I throw a chair at my TV”

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 Bulgari ‘Save the Children’ Campaign 2014

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does anyone actually pay attention to my blog or am i just kind of here

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2×19 + tweets

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hannibal gets so offended of being accused of things he actually did

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"If you wake up tired, you’ve been chasing dreams. If you go to bed tired, you’re making your dreams happen."
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imagine if you woke up and your name was your url and you looked exactly like your icon

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«Now all of the idiots of the world think we are dating.»

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reading fics that are so good at handling the characters that you can hear their dialogue in their voices and actually imagine the scenarios being presented like

hell yeah

hell yeah

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Favorite Sandra Bullock Photos ∞
Favorite Sandra Bullock Photos  

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"Our true friends are those who are with us when the good things happen. They cheer us on and are pleased by our triumphs. False friends only appear at difficult times, with their sad, supportive faces, when, in fact, our suffering is serving to console them for their miserable lives."
— ― Paulo Coelho (via psych-quotes)
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